Outdoor Pedestal Fans For Patios

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Outdoor Pedestal Fans For Patios

Good fans make a great backyard environment, which makes it a great place to spend time.

If you live in a hot climate like we do in US, it might be too hot to spend time outdoors. You can get an outdoor pedestal fan instead of an AC. It is portable, easy to use and consumes less electricity than the AC.

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With so many different types of outdoor pedestal fans available, it can get a bit confusing to find the right one. You won’t find a better patio pedestal fan than the ones featured in this article. These are the perfect outdoor pedestal fans for patios.

When shopping for patio pedestal fans, Make sure that you consider factors like water-resistant blades, UV protection, and wet rating, high velocity power, misting ability etc.

Best Outdoor Pedestal Fans For Patios

DecoBREEZE Adjustable Height Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patio

DecoBREEZE Adjustable Height Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patio


  • Coated with UV resistant
  • Height ranges from 40 to 51 inches
  • ETL Wet Listed
  • 3-speed oscillating options
  • 18-inch outdoor fan head
  • Traditional style design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Extra-wide base

This outdoor pedestal fan accompanies an 18-inch fan head that sways, and you can shift the point you like. This element is great when you could do without blowing the breeze at you straightforwardly. The fan has a three-speed setting to permit changing the speed for your solace.

Furthermore, it can give a delicate breeze or a strong breeze utilizing its 3 watts open air appraised engine. The tallness of the fan is movable, and you can change the stature to your solace in any event, during blustery circumstances since its weighted base assists with balancing out it.

The contraption weighs 18 pounds subsequently is not difficult to convey, and arrives in an assortment of styles that match various stylistic themes, even the modern one. This contraption is exceptionally strong, and you could actually utilize it inside.

This patio fan can supplement your outdoor home stylistic theme and keep you cool. Ideal for patio use.

What’s more, it accompanies decisions of seething shading and configuration, guaranteeing you get an item that suits your necessities, and your space, as well as supplements your outside style.

Rowenta Weather Resistant Outdoor Pedestal Extreme Fan For Patios

Rowenta Weather Resistant Outdoor Pedestal Extreme Fan For Patios


  • Weather resistant design
  • Silent and powerful
  • Long distance remote control
  • Portable and stable
  • 3 fan speeds and 3 modes
  • 4 timer options
  • Digital LED display
  • UV protected plastic material

The Rowenta Outdoor Extreme Fan is one of the best fans on the rundown with its immensely effective, compact, and climate-safe model. This unit accompanies a waterproof engine and fan and is built with UV-safeguarded plastic material, as well as an outside power plug intended for outdoor execution.

This patio pedestal fan has quiet turbine innovation takes into account calm usefulness, without compromising the force of the wind current.

You will likewise have the chance to encounter up to three different fan speeds (low, medium, and high), as well as three flexible modes (outside, normal, and rest mode).

Not exclusively will you get a significant distance remote for fast and simple control, yet the Rowenta Outdoor Extreme Fan likewise accompanies a computerized LED show for added accommodation.

Not exclusively will you be putting resources into a respectable brand (Rowenta), yet you will likewise have an item that conveys amazing client audits, and remarkable execution appraisals.

Designer Aire Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patios

Designer Aire Oscillating Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patios


  • Oscillating fan head
  • Adjustable height from 40-51 inches
  • 3 adjustable speeds
  • U/V paint for outdoor use
  • Wet-listed safety rating
  • Shiny stainless steel construction

In the event that you’re looking for the very best outdoor pedestal fan for patios, look no farther than the Designer Aire Oscillating Standing Fan.

This strong plan packs truly a punch with up to three flexible paces (low – 900 rpm, medium – 1100 rpm, and high 1280 rpm), and a 45-watt engine for fast and effective cooling.

In addition, the extending neck included with this staggering plan permits you to change the tallness of the fan somewhere in the range of 40-51″ high.

What makes this model ideal for any mortgage holder is the way that it is designed in view ofoutdoor use. In addition to the fact that it is covered in all-climate UV paint, yet it likewise has a wet-recorded security rating, and a weighted base for extra solidness.

As though that wasn’t sufficient, this exceptional outdoor pedestal fan is additionally built with top-notch brushed tempered steel for a smooth, yet strong completion. Likewise generally cheap given the tremendous quality that accompanies this industry-driving plan.

Smartmi Smart Outdoor Pedestal Fan for Patios

Smartmi Smart Outdoor Pedestal Fan for Patios


  • 4 oscillation angle
  • 29db super quiet
  • Cordless and easy-to-carry
  • Smart Control
  • 40° tilt angle
  • 100-speed settings
  • Auto shut off timer

The smartmi Outdoor Pedestal Fan 2S destroys it’s opposition with its massively simple-to-work control framework, and sturdy execution.

In addition to the fact that it accompanies an incredible seven excellent sharp edges, yet it additionally presents more than 100 unique rates!

Also, all smartmi outdoor pedestal fans accompany a DC inverter brushless engine, which is eminent for its brought down energy utilization, and broadened life expectancy.

This smartmi configuration is likewise very reasonable and includes immensely wide inclusion and super calm activity. In addition to the fact that it takes into account up can to four distinct wavering points (30, 60, 90, and 120 degrees), yet it additionally accompanies parental control, normal breeze mode, and innumerable others.

What’s more, since this model specifically just comprises of nine parts, the establishment time ought to take no longer than 5 minutes! Unquestionably, one of the most outstanding outdoor pedestal fans for patios is accessible.

OEMTOOLS 23978 Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan For Outdoor Patios

OEMTOOLS 23978  Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan For Outdoor Patios


  • Outdoor misting fan
  • Airflow up to 5400 CFM
  • Water-resistance motor
  • 180 degrees tilt
  • Three-speed settings
  • Energy-efficient design

The next fan in our rundown we have the OEMtools 23978 20″ Tilting Pedestal Misting Fan For Outdoor Patios that comes accessible in three distinct sizes (20″, 24″, and 30″), as well as plenty of staggering highlights.

It accompanies a 3-speed engine that can create 5400 CFM of wind stream, which (alongside the shifting component) makes it ideal for any deck or outside climate needing further developed flow.

Additionally, this solid plan is worked with strong metal construction and adaptable fans that arrive in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your particular requirements.

In addition, this fan is water and residue safe, with an immensely high IP44 water-obstruction rating, and strong aluminum edges.

The OEMtools shifting moistening fan is ensured to furnish a wide open air region with the fundamental cooling to keep you content, and agreeable for a really long time.

Everdure Six Speed Remote Control Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patios

Everdure Six Speed Remote Control Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patios


  • 6 Speed Settings
  • 80-degree oscillation
  • Remote control
  • Powerful airflow
  • 40-degree adjustable head tilt
  • Modern design

Everdure’s 49.4-inch outdoor pedestal fan features a unique technology that provides a highly targeted airflow and constant air circulation through your home to keep you cool on hot days. Use it as an indoor fan or an outdoor fan.

The fan can be operated at 6 different speeds and oscillates between 40 degrees left to right. The fan also includes an 80-degree adjustable head tilt that directs the airflow to the desired location.

It features a powerful bladeless motor that allows it to provide a powerful airflow while keeping the noise level low.

This fan is also equipped with a low energy consumption motor, which makes it a great solution for homes with a limited amount of electricity. This stylish fan is perfect for modern indoor spaces as well as outdoor patios. The slim design is ideal for places where space is minimal.

Features to Consider when Choosing an Outdoor Pedestal Fan For Patios

Once you have finalized to purchase an outdoor pedestal fan for the patio, there are some features you need to keep in mind depending on the requirements. Below are some features you can consider.

1. Movability

A movability is one of the most important aspects of a pedestal fan. The device needs to be light so that you can move it easily. The pedestal fan is perfect for use in different rooms in the house and outdoor patios.

If you’re buying a pedestal fan, make sure it’s a light one that can be moved by anyone in your family. 

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2. Fan modes

When choosing an outdoor patio pedestal fan, make sure it comes with several different modes so you can adjust the volume and direction to best suit your

Many fans have three speed modes – low, medium, and high. This enables you to adjust your fan to the temperature you are comfortable with.

3. Design of Fan

With all the different features and functions available for a pedestal fan, there’s no doubt that it can be a nice addition to any patio decor.

You can choose from different colors and finishes such as metallic, plastic, and others that match your outdoor décor.

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4. Budget

Pedestal fans are good when you want to keep cool, but they need to match your budget and your space.

However, do not compromise on quality. It is not true that cheap fan does not are good. There are many fans available in every budget range.

5. Size

Outdoor pedestal fans come in many sizes. You’ll get confused when buying the right size fan for your patio.

Before purchasing an outdoor patio fan, consider the size of the patio. If you have a big patio then go for a large fan, which will blow the breeze throughout the entire patio.


In conclusion, if you want to have a great patio, you need to keep it cool by using the right tools. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you should buy the best outdoor pedestal fans for patios that will not only cool your patio but also make it look great.

You can buy them online or even from your local home improvement store. But, before you buy, make sure that you have read the reviews on the different products and then buy the one that has been recommended by many people.

Furthermore, it is best to get a patio fan that is designed for outdoor use. If you do this, you will be able to enjoy the great outdoors even in the hot summer days.

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