Ceiling Fans Under $100 – Best Budget Ceiling Fans of 2023

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The best ceiling fans under $100 might be an excellent option for those who are on a tight budget; they frequently have less features than more expensive models but perform well and have high quality standards when chosen carefully.

Ceiling Fans Under $100

Finding the best ceiling fans for under $100 might not be as simple as you’ve been led to believe. The market is designed to be perplexing. Additionally, advertisers use this to persuade you to buy their products even if they don’t benefit you.

Accordingly, before you go out to shop, you ought to have a smart thought of how you need the ceiling fan to treat you. This will assist with arranging and settling on what highlights to focus on.

The fan size and development materials are two components you’ll likely encounter in the market. The ceiling fan’s wind current is determined by the preceding, which is persuasive. Additionally, it indicates whether the fan will fit in your space. It’s best to have a fan with tough development if you choose the last choice.

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When purchasing a ceiling fan that is reasonable, you really want to do your examination appropriately so you don’t squander your cash on budget fans that are not successful, stable, energy-effective, or calm. Since a fan is costly, it doesn’t generally mean great quality or adequacy, since there are sure budget fans that actually look at each case.

The following elements to observe are the speed choices accessible and whether or not the apparatus has reversible sharp edges. These decide the degree of control you have over your ceiling fan and its capacities.

Ultimately, probably the best ceiling fans under $100 additionally accompany LED lights to fill in as lighting for the room. Underneath we’ve given instances of top-level ceiling fans that you can look over too.

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Best Ceiling Fans Under $100

Hunter Haskell Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Hunter Haskell Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Features We Like

  • LED light covered by swirled marble glass 
  • Used in rooms with low ceilings
  • Traditional pull chain control

This 42-inch choice is accessible as the Hunter 52137. Assuming you choose this fan as your buy, you can anticipate the apparatus’ position of a safety plan, which considers flush mounting. Moreover, assuming that you have low roofs, you shouldn’t for a second mess around with the gadget occupying an excess of space in the room.

Additionally, this fan comes with LED illumination that is encased in marble glass that has been swirled. In order to try and circulate the air in the space and provide light, the fan thus provides an amazing highlight. Other than the marble glass, various components of the construction of this particular fan include MDF, which is then covered with a bronze finish.

Moreover, this 42-inch ceiling fan under $100 can pivot both clockwise and against clockwise. You just need to pull on the chain associated with the fan to make heading changes. While you’re doing as such, you can likewise change the fan speed to suit your present circumstance.

Another great part is the engine. This being the most significant fan part, you get a lifetime guarantee to secure it upon buy.

Westinghouse Lighting Alloy Indoor Ceiling Fan Under $100

Westinghouse Lighting Alloy Indoor Ceiling Fan Under $100

Features We Like

  • Dual capacitor for powerful and quiet air circulation
  • Two-light indoor ceiling fan with three blades
  • Three fan speeds

This Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 is a top-level ceiling fan under $100 that is built with MDF, steel, and glass.

The 42-inch fan size is another thing to take note of. You can tell that this pick is different from the manager’s choice because of the size of the fan because it is meant for smaller rooms. As a result, if you place it in a room larger than 100 square feet, the device won’t have the option to channel enough air for your needs.

Something else to note is that the fans are reversible motor. Subsequently, the typical enemy of clockwise turn will work for a warm climate and lead to all the more likely airflow in the room.

Concerning the clockwise dissemination, it is better for chilly climates as it wipes out cool spots and helps recycle warm air from the roof.

This machine also has a silicon steel engine, which is in charge of all the fan functions, including the three rates that are offered. This engine has received praise for quieting down. It’s true that a lifetime warranty also covers this component. However, the warranty is only valid for two years for any remaining parts of the fan.

The fan highlights controller activity, which makes utilization simple. Moreover, the apparatus accompanies reversible fan sharp edges for colder climates. You have the choice of LED lighting in your fan. The vast majority of the development parts would be difficult to harm.

Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 Industrial Ceiling Fan Under $100

Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 Industrial Ceiling Fan Under $100

Features We Like

  • Ideal for great rooms up to 400 square feet
  • 5 speed on/off Wall control
  • High-quality motor with brushed nickel finish

Another Westinghouse ceiling fan for $100 is available here, and customers who enjoy its appearance and performance have left excellent reviews of it online. It is 56 inches in diameter, exceptionally huge, has three Brushed Nickel borders, and would be a good addition to open spaces with high rooflines.

To accomplish the best proficiency, it is prescribed to mount it something like 10 feet over the floor. That way, you can partake in a strong, however, calm 7105 cubic feet each moment wind current. It involves just 63 watts at the greatest speed that outcomes in 113 cubic feet each moment per watt, making this one of the most energy-effective units in its class.

To work the five-speed levels, there is a wall control remembered for the buy. This ceiling fan was intended to circle more measure of air than standard ceiling fans and would work entirely in a room that compares 225 square feet.

It is likewise exceptionally simple to introduce this unit utilizing the 54-inch lead wire, 1/2-inch x 12-inch downrod and the ball holder arrangement. Westinghouse offers one of the most mind-blowing client administrations in the business, and they will cheerfully deal with every one of your necessities.

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan with Light

Hampton Bay Hugger 52 in. White Ceiling Fan with Light

Features We Like

  • 3-speed reversible control
  • Flush mount installation for low ceilings
  • 5 reversible blades with white finish

This is the hugger ceiling fan from Hampton Bay that conveys five reversible cutting edges that incorporate a white completion or blanched oak finish to praise your room’s improvement.

The Hugger is very large compared to its price, and its 52-inch-long sharp edge is suitable for rooms with medium-large estimated sizes. With the help of the force chains, you may adjust the three speed levels and turn on or off the lights.

The engine is a strong and all around constructed unit that produces 4670 CFM wind current, and there is likewise a switch on the engine lodging that permits you to change the pivot of the edges to make cold wind stream or push warm air down from the roof for an agreeable winter insight.

There is additionally a light unit that incorporates an opal iced light apparatus that covers one light (excluded). This unit requires a flush mount establishment for low roofs, and the establishment is amazingly simple, in any event, for the most unpracticed DIY people. Finally, Hampton Bay offers a lifetime engine guarantee and one year guarantee on any remaining parts.

Litex Vortex 30-Inch Ceiling Fan Under $100

Features We Like

  • Has 6 reversible blades
  • The motor works quietly
  • Designed for small indoor rooms

Given that it now costs under $100 and can be used both inside and outside, we heartily recommend the Litex Vortex ceiling fan. The fan may be adjusted to fit any style or plan thanks to its white finishing.

The fan accompanies a wide range of speed positions which you can alter in view of how much air you need the fan to create. It’s prescribed to use for small rooms with low ceilings, and it incorporates a flush mount establishment in particular.

With 6 edges, the fan’s aspects are 30 inches, 9 pounds, and it utilizes 120 volts and 60 watts. Between the roof and the edges of the fan, there are around 6 inches, and it stays 11 creeps beneath the roof.

This excellent-looking Litex ceiling fan comes in a white tone and finishes just, with glass material, and a mushroom-molded glass. It has both the looks and the capacities at a modest cost, so it’s absolutely worth the cash

This is a fan you can rely on for unequaled execution, an incredible cost, and a simple establishment. This wonderful white/whitewash sharp edge configuration supplements the normal white completion of the fan body and offers an appropriate match to practically any inside style.

Honeywell 50182 Quick-2-Hang Hugger Ceiling Fan Under $100

Honeywell 50182 Quick-2-Hang Hugger Ceiling Fan Under $100

Features We Like

  • Reversible, 4 speed – powerful motor
  • Four LED bulbs
  • Airflow up to 5,459 CFM

Another affordable ceiling fan with lights that will certainly capture your attention is this Honeywell 50182. The lights in the installation, as can be clear, draw attention to an alternative strategy from various fans on the rundown. As a result, they have a distinct appeal for the general public in terms of style.

Likewise, while most other ceiling aficionados of this type maximize at three paces, this one offers four. This applies to both the clockwise and the counterclockwise movements of the device.

Outstandingly, no other fan-recorded moves more air than this Honeywell 50182. Be that as it may, this wind stream proficiency comes at the expense of requiring more power thus the 61.3W energy use rating.

This fan likewise mounts flush to your roof, consequently taking less space. In conclusion, this fan must be worked on utilizing the remote controller.

The wind current rating of this Honeywell ceiling fan is an improvement over most different aficionados of this type. The device has a reversible engine. Ultimately, the engine in this fan accompanies a lifetime guarantee.

Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control

Hunter Indoor Low Profile IV Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control

Features We Like

  • Comes with five snow-white blades
  • Powerful airflow with quiet performance
  • Traditional pull chain control

One more ceiling fan that stays flush to your roof is the Hunter 51059. Obviously, with this position of a safety plan, the producer wipes out wobbling. Be that as it may, you can get the downrod choice assuming you feel it works for you.

Variable fan speeds are also included with this purchase. Along with it, they have sharp edges that may be reversed. Surprisingly, you have to walk to the room’s centre and use the pull chain to adjust the fan’s speed or direction. Although this is a little awkwardly organised, using it is not difficult. When you need to turn the machine on or off, you also utilise the chain.

Concerning the guarantee, this Hunter ceiling fan has one of the more average ones on the rundown. Nonetheless, different up-sides might be to the point of compensating for this defect.

The fan doesn’t wobble and is one of the calmer choices on the lookout. You have flexible velocities and a reversible engine that you can handle utilizing the draw chain given. This gadget is ideally suited for rooms with lower ceilings.

Prominence Home Alvina Led Globe Light Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Prominence Home Alvina Led Globe Light Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Features We Like

  • Quiet reversible motor
  • Perfect for rooms around 350 square feet
  • Traditional pull chain control

The Prominence Home 80029-01 qualifies as one of the more reasonable fans we have recorded. The edges in this fan are twofold-sided and made of MDF. All things considered, the remainder of the fan is made of steel, which significantly builds its solidness. It’s no big surprise you get a lifetime guarantee with the buy.

This apparatus consolidates both controller and a pull chain. The last option will prove to be useful at whatever point you lose the previous.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this fan can easily handle the demands of 350 square foot rooms or smaller spaces. If you arrange the instrument to pivot clockwise or anticlockwise, you have three options to choose from when it comes to rates. Finally, for this arrangement, light is remembered.

In spite of being a 42-inch fan, this Prominence ceiling fan offers a moderately wide inclusion region. The fan accompanies an iced opal worldwide light. Also, the engine is reversible. You can handle the fan with either the remote or the pull chain. Finally, the entire fan accompanies a lifetime guarantee.

Factors To Think About While Picking The Best Ceiling Fan Under $100

The highlights list is the only thing that will specifically address a fan’s abilities before you even see it, as you are probably aware by this point. All things considered, knowing what to anticipate in terms of fan considerations may help guide your purchase. As a result, we included the section below.

Fan size

The fan size might appear to be immaterial. In any case, this data can be utilized to conclude which room measures the fan will be ideal for. One model is that 42-inch fans like the Westinghouse Lighting 7876400 are typically for 100 square feet rooms or more modest.

56-inch choices like the Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 are the absolute biggest on the lookout and work for 400 square feet rooms or more modest. As may be obvious, the bigger the fan size, the bigger the inclusion region.

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Design and Style

Additionally, you don’t need a fan that stands uncomfortably in one particular space. Therefore, you should consider the design and colour scheme before making a purchase. Choose a model like the Litex BRC30WW6L if you believe a white fan will look perfect with your white roof. Surprisingly, there are a large variety of tones and designs for the different fans, and you should be sure to find one that matches your needs.

Commotion level

Assuming you’re staring at the TV, dozing, or in any event, tackling errands in the house, the steady murmur and humming of a ceiling fan can be very irritating. Thusly, it might serve you better to have a calmer machine. All things considered, a ton of makers haven’t sorted out some way to kill the commotion totally, particularly when the fan is turning at higher paces.

Fan Motor

The fan motor is another thing that ought to be on your ceiling fan agenda. It will decide the number of speeds you have and assume the fan can be utilized in winter.

In a perfect world, the speed will be high as this will help take into account different temperature guideline needs. Remarkably, this gives fan choices like the Honeywell 50182 an edge over the opposition. The engine being reversible is another significant positive.

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Wind stream

The wind stream rating additionally decides the cooling force of the fan. Quite, the higher the wind stream, the more successful a ceiling fan is, particularly in bigger rooms. Additionally, a higher CFM implies the fan is more productive at moving air around the room.

Mounting choices

Also, you’ll have to pick between a downrod and flush mounting choices. The downrod gives leeway from the roof, allowing the fan to hang uninhibitedly. This choice subsequently functions admirably for high roofs as your downrod can even be up to 36 inches.

Notwithstanding, for those with ceilings that are nine feet from the floor or lower, you don’t need a fan that occupies an excess of room. For this reason, you should purchase a flush-mounted ceiling fan.

Additionally, with a flush-mounted contraption, you stay away from any injury that may be because of coming into contact with the fan. All things considered, a few choices like the Hykolity 42-Inch Ceiling Fan accompany both flush mounting and downrod choices.


Having a light incorporated into your fan is another positive. Recall that the fan will take a focal situation in your room. This is a place that is likewise regularly involved by a ceiling light. Be that as it may, with a fan there, you might need to search somewhere else for a spot to introduce the light.

All things considered, assuming the fan as of now has a lighting installation worked in, this isn’t something you need to stress over.

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Control choices

Concerning the control choices, you’ll need to pick one of three picks. The first is the pull chain control, which is the most well-known. You pull the chain to flip among speed and heading choices.

The Westinghouse Lighting 7861400 offers button control as the second option. With this option, the control unit is installed on the room’s wall, and adjustments are made by pressing buttons or rotating handles.

The third choice is the remote controller, which offers the most opportunity out of the three choices given. You can handle the fan from any place in the room. You don’t have to move from your seat. A couple of roof fan choices join two control choices in a single gadget.


Of course, value is important in the first place, but how can we tell when we are buying if we are receiving the best value? Finding the best ceiling fan for under $100 will require some serious research and extra effort.

Each of the aforementioned choices is one of the best options available, and it is suggested for those who are not willing to spend more than $100 on a ceiling fan. There is actually nothing wrong with investing in the cheapest ceiling fan, but you must make sure that it comes from a reliable manufacturer.

Since we are all largely distinct individuals with a range of preferences and demands, there is no one overall best option that matches everyone. In this way, make sure that your top choice fits your lifestyle, moves enough air, is easy to mount, serene, and most importantly, works with your budget.

Assuming you adhere to the rules in this article and look at changed units, you will observe a ceiling fan under $100 that will follow you for a long time to come.

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