Best Ceiling Fans For High Ceilings

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There is a significant difference between ceiling fans made for high ceilings and those made for low ceilings when it comes to purchasing one.

The higher the ceiling is, the more challenging it becomes to find a good-looking, functional, and energy-efficient ceiling fan that will last a long time.

Best Ceiling Fans For High Ceilings

Before making a purchase if you want to replace your current ceiling fan, it’s necessary to take these things into account.

When the weather is chilly or hot outdoors, large ceiling fans for high ceilings are an inexpensive purchase that will save you a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Finding the best ceiling fans for high ceilings can be overwhelming: there are so many options!

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But don’t worry, we conducted a comprehensive search, took into account several factors, and made a wonderful pick.

High ceilings can be a wonderful thing. They add to the overall ambiance of a room and give it an airy, light feeling. But sometimes they can also be a bit of a headache.

This is so that you can avoid having your fan wobble while working on a high ceiling because of the long downrod.

In this post, we’re going to help you find the perfect ceiling fan for your high ceiling.

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Comparison of Best Ceiling Fans For High Ceilings

ImageProduct DescriptionPrice
<strong>Minka-Aire Symbio 56 Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceiling</strong>

Minka-Aire Symbio 56 Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceiling

  • UL and safety listed
  • Voice control compatible
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<strong>Sofucor 52 inch Large Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control</strong>

Sofucor 52 inch Large Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control

  • Reversible ETL Motor
  • 3 downrods for any Ceilings
Check Price
<strong>Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings</strong>

Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

  • 8 aluminum blades
  • Remote control ceiling fan
Check Price
<strong>Hunter 1886 Limited Edition Indoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain </strong>

Hunter 1886 Limited Edition Indoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain

  • Traditional pull chain control
  • Two blades with rustic look
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<strong>Minka Aire F787-ORB 3-Blade Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings</strong>

Minka Aire F787-ORB 3-Blade Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

  • Six-speed hand-held remote
  • Compatible to amazon Alexa
Check Price
<strong>Lucci Air 212916010 Viceroy Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings</strong>

Lucci Air 212916010 Viceroy Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

  • 6-inch downrod included
  • High-grade ABS plastic
Check Price
<strong>Westinghouse Industrial 56-Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings</strong>

Westinghouse Industrial 56-Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

  • High-quality motor
  • Ideal for 400 sq. ft. space
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<strong>Honeywell High Power Ceiling Fan With Lights for High Ceilings</strong>

Honeywell High Power Ceiling Fan With Lights for High Ceilings

  • Multi-position mounting
  • Three dimmable LED lights
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Best Ceiling Fans For High Ceilings Reviews

Minka-Aire F828-BNDW Symbio 56 Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceiling

Minka-Aire F828-BNDW Symbio 56 Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceiling

This ceiling fan blends a strong motor with the stylish, clean aesthetics of contemporary design. This ceiling fan will blow a nice breeze across the ceiling of your house.

It is made of metal and has a brushed nickel finish on the paint. Safety is a top priority in the design of this fan. While the LED light gives enough light, the blade shape offers sufficient ventilation.

This ceiling fan is equipped with a remote control that can be used to control the fan and the LED light.

The remote control can be mounted on a wall or ceiling and has been made to be simple to use.

This fan has 6 speeds that can be controlled with the remote. Accordingly, the fan is equipped with an integrated DC motor that provides powerful and efficient cooling.

The motor is finished in brushed nickel, and the blades are made of dark walnut wood. This fan’s blades may be taken apart and cleaned.


  • Smart home compatible
  • Combination of form, function, and design
  • High Airflow up to 6000 CFM


  • Not For small space

Sofucor 52 inch Large Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control

Sofucor 52 inch Large Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote Control

This Sofucor fan has three poles and is a stylish ceiling fan for indoor and outdoor use. The fan has a custom-made Cooper motor. It can be utilised both inside and outside.

it is made of solid hardwood with beautiful walnut wood blades. it has a nice appearance and 3 speeds. this fan has 2-speed light, can be controlled by remote control. 

In actuality, this fan is more akin to an outdoor and indoor decorative lighting fixture.

To make operation much easier, this smart fan has provided a dedicated remote control which you can use to independently turn the fan or the light on/ off as well as adjust the fan speed (battery included)

Multi-capacitor for quiet operation and maximum air movement designed for interior use.

This ceiling fan comes with three downrods, making it the perfect choice for rooms with high ceilings. At its maximum speed, the fan can move 5250 CFM of air.


  • Smart Remote Control
  • Quieter Performance
  • Integrated NiteCore Extreme LED Light


  • Not compatible with smart devices

Westinghouse Lighting Widespan Industrial Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

Westinghouse Lighting Widespan Industrial Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

A wide space may be effectively cooled with the Westinghouse 7224900 Widespan Industrial Ceiling Fan with Remote, 100 Inch, Brushed Nickel.

This industrial ceiling fan is ideal for cooling large areas, such as workshops, high ceiling great rooms, larger living areas and lofts, where premium air circulation is needed.

This industrial ceiling fan’s brushed nickel finish blends seamlessly in industrial spaces.

The ceiling fan has eight aluminium blades with a brushed nickel finish. It has a remote control that makes it simple to operate the fan’s on/off and 6 speed on/off and reverse operations.

With its glossy white finish and large fan blade, the Widespan ceiling fan makes a great statement.

It creates significant airflow for cooling large commercial, industrial and residential spaces.

This brushless DC motor is perfect for all of your needs thanks to its great energy-saving performance and quiet, smooth operation.


  • Ideal for large space
  • Includes six-speed remote control
  • High-quality DC motor


  • Not For small space
  • No light kit

Hunter 1886 Limited Edition Indoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control

Hunter 1886 Limited Edition Indoor Ceiling Fan with Pull Chain Control

Due to its vintage appearance, this Hunter 1886 limited edition ceiling fan is one of our favourites. It’s a terrific method to give your living room the feel of a traditional 1884 home.

This ceiling fan has only two blades that creates a huge amount of airflow up to 6422 CFM at its peak speed.

A fan that is both attractive and effective. It has contemporary characteristics like a quiet reversible motor and carved wood blades to ensure excellent airflow.

This is even better if you have a high ceiling because a 12-inch downrod is included so you may use it to get the right distance.

This hunter beautiful fan is 60 inches, which is great size for a medium to large-sized room with a high ceiling because it offers a cooling breeze that you can control through the pull chains.

Fans like this one are for the collector who wants the details. The rustic yet elegant design has dark cherry basswood blades that contrast with the whole fan.

The beautiful rope downrod sleeve and the spherical spinning motor housing, which lend a sense of elegance and originality, are the next two features that we adore most.


  • Delivers ultra-powerful airflow
  • Traditional rustic design
  • Pull chain control


  • No light kit compatible
  • Not match in a modern room

Minka Aire F787-ORB 3-Blade Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

Minka Aire F787-ORB 3-Blade Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

Want to add some style to your house? This ceiling fan can give any room a sense of elegance. It has a silent, highly efficient DC motor, and it is lightweight.

This ceiling fan is great for a large room with a high ceiling. It includes a 6-inch downrod so you can adjust the height.

You can make a friendly atmosphere with the aid of Minka Aire fans. They have a sleek, modern look, and its incredibly effective DC motor circulates a lot of air in the room.

The one feature we love most about this fan is the reversible DC motor. It makes your fan more efficient, and it also has a remote control for controlling your fan’s light, reversing function, and turning it on/off.

It’s compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa with the Bond Home app which sold separately. So it can make your life better with this smart controls.

Although it looks like a simple fan, the actual fan itself can add that finishing touch to your area.

We appreciate the fan’s availability in 6 various finishes. There are several options available, from traditional black to gold.


  • Highly energy-efficient
  • Modern and minimalistic design
  • Compatible to smart devices


  • No light kit included

Lucci Air 212916010 Viceroy Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

Lucci Air 212916010 Viceroy Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

The Lucci Air Viceroy ceiling fan has a striking design and is quite powerful. It’s one of the most fashionable ceiling fans available, with a compact design and a DC motor.

Even though this ceiling fan comes with a 6-inch downrod and other optional lengths, it’s still very light and portable. Perfect for those times when your ceiling isn’t quite high enough to accommodate this beautiful fan.

The Viceroy’s silent whisper wind DC motor keeps the fan from making any noise, making it the perfect choice for any area with a high ceiling.

There is a great remote control for a ceiling fan. The remote control comes with the fan and it’s wall mountable so you can easily operate the fan’s settings.

This fan is perfect for flat and sloped ceilings in condos and apartments. Even ceilings up to 12 degrees can be utilised with it.

With its contemporary style, this fan is the ideal accent to any space. The ABS plastic blades work well for us because they provide us with a lot of airflow while still being operationally quiet.


  • Smart home compatible
  • Combination of form, function, and design
  • High Airflow up to 6000 CFM


  • Not For small space

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

The industrial ceiling fan has durable construction for industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

The Industrial fan, which is well known for its sleek brushed nickel finish and modern, mechanical appeal, requires very little setup and comes with a five-speed wall control unit.

The best industrial fans for cooling larger work and living spaces are meant for areas where the ceiling is at least 10 feet high. They should be hung 10 feet or more above the floor.

The heavy-duty motor of this fan can spin up to 1650 RPM. It can last up to 50 years without maintenance and is intended for use in commercial or industrial settings.

If you own an establishment where the industrial look is king, this is the perfect option for you to hang fan on high ceilings.


  • High airflow up to 5,370 CFM
  • Five reversible speeds
  • Brushed-nickel finish


  • Humming at high speed

Honeywell High Power Ceiling Fan With Lights for High Ceilings

Honeywell High Power Ceiling Fan With Lights for High Ceilings

This Honeywell High Power ceiling fan is the ideal choice for those seeking the ultimate fusion of modern and industrial design.

It really brings life to your area, and with its sleek, trendy design and the LED lights that illuminate your space beautifully, this is a smart investment.

We’ll begin by pointing out the fan’s 56-inch size. It features a 4 inch downrod with a 54 inch lead wire for a longer downrod and is dual mounted: normal downrod and angled. This makes it ideal for large rooms with high ceilings.

The 3 LED bulbs are energy-efficient (only 5 watts), and are also dimmable. The motor is reversible with three speeds, distributes the air evenly around the room and is operated by a pull chain instead.

It is crucial to notice the distinctive 3-branch light as well as the vibrant colour of the blades.

We like that this rug will give any living area a unique vibe. It has a brushed nickel finish, and its black blades will work well with any décor in your home.

This is a fantastic fan that does it all: cools the space, looks well, and is reasonably priced. This fan, in our opinion, is ideal for any decor.


  • Three LED with dimmable
  • Sleek and eye-catching design
  • Works great for large areas with a high ceiling


  • Remote in not included

How big should your ceiling fan be for high ceilings?

The standard sizes for fans are 42 inch, 48 inch, 52 inch, and 60 inch. You should prepare to pay anything between $50 to more than $300 on a huge fan. Some are also offered in 96-inch lengths.

A really large ceiling fan has a blade span of at least 60 inches. That means it’s big enough to circulate cool air and keep rooms at a comfortable temperature.

The greatest ceiling fan for your house is a contemporary, sizable, and light-up model. In addition to increasing air flow and ambient lighting for greater comfort, it will also look excellent.

In today’s climate, ceiling fans serve both a decorative and functional purpose. Large ceiling fans are best for more efficient air movement in bigger rooms with high ceilings, such as the living room, dining room, or outdoor patio.

You should hang your fan at a height of eight to ten feet to get the most out of it.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan For High Ceilings

The most often used appliance in a household is a ceiling fan. Its primary use is to maintain the room’s air circulation and to make people feel comfortable. Additionally, ceiling fans lower the temperature of the room and aid in energy conservation.

There are a number of types of ceiling fans available in the market. Some of them are designed according to the size of the room and some others are designed according to the style. When you have a small or medium-sized room, then you can easily install the fans according to your needs.

However, whether you have a large room or high ceiling, you must take into account things such the ceiling height, the location of the fan, the number of rooms you wish to cool, and the available space.

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Choosing the Best Large Ceiling Fans

For areas bigger than 350 square feet, which is typically a 20′ x 20′ room, ceiling fans with blade spans of 60 inches or more will provide the most airflow.

The number of square feet in a room or outdoor patio area is the most important factor when considering a ceiling fan. Next, look at the CFM of the fan to make sure it will efficiently create the airflow you want.

When the fan is operating at its greatest speed, this measurement is made. The best CFM for optimal airflow and energy efficiency is between 7,000 and 10,000.

Height of Ceiling

The height of the ceiling should be your initial point of inspection. If the ceiling is too high, you should instal fans there; if the ceiling is too low, you should put them on the floor.

If you have a large room, then you need to install the fans on the walls or on the ceiling, but you should keep in mind that the fans should be installed in a way that they will not affect the light.

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You can instal fans on the floor if the ceiling is too high and there isn’t room to mount them there. However, you must keep in mind that while installing floor fans, they must be positioned so that air may flow freely throughout the space.

Location of The Room

The location of the room is the second thing you should examine. If the room is in the middle of the house, you can simply put the fans in the centre of the space; however, if the room is on the side or a corner, you must position the fans so that air can flow around the space.

Number of Rooms

The quantity of rooms is the following consideration you should make. If your home has two or three rooms, you can instal a fan in each one. If your home has four or five rooms, you must instal one fan in each room.

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The last thing that you need to keep in mind is the space. If your room is a large one and you want to cool down a large number of rooms, then you need to consider installing the fans in a way that the air will circulate around the room.

Style of Ceiling Fan

Whether you have a modern kitchen or a rustic bedroom, they’re a terrific way to bring a contemporary feel to your living space. They don’t take up much room, yet they have a wonderful wall appearance and provide the ideal airflow.

Whether you are decorating a bedroom, bathroom, living room, entryway, or even dining room, the designs below will provide you with inspiration for creating a space that fits your taste.

Proper Mounting

For spaces with a typical ceiling height of eight to nine feet, the majority of ceiling fans have conventional downrod installations that are three to five inches long.

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Ceilings that are nine or more feet high are considered high ceilings.

For these rooms, you will need an extension pole for your ceiling fan. Its length will depend upon the height of the ceiling where you plan to install your fan.

  • 10 foot ceiling height: 12- to 18-inch downrod
  • 11 foot ceiling height: 18- to 24-inch downrod
  • 12 foot ceiling height: 36-inch downrod
  • 13 foot ceiling height: 48-inch downrod
  • 14 foot ceiling height: 72-inch downrod

If your ceiling is flat, installing a ceiling fan is simple; but if it is vaulted or angled, you must use a slanted mount to secure the fixture.

For the highest efficacy and safety, ensure your ceiling fan is mounted at least seven feet above the ground and 18 inches from the walls.

Outdoor Compatible

Damp- or wet-rated fans are the best ceiling fans for porches, patios, and lanai areas.

Fans that can survive external weather are only appropriate for locations where there is a significant likelihood of bad weather.

Never put an indoor fan in an outdoor area, as it could break, cause a fire, or even worse, start a lawn mower.

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Lighting Option

When determining which lighting fixtures to instal, the majority of homeowners take into account having their ceiling fan function as the only light source in the space. They frequently are unaware that the fan itself does not come equipped with the appropriate lights.

To prevent overheating, you’ll need to know the maximum wattage allowed in the fan.

While rooms with fewer windows and soaring ceilings might not require more light, areas with more windows might.


The ceiling fans that are especially made for high ceilings are the finest for high ceilings. The blades of these fans are oriented downward, while the motor is positioned on the ceiling. Compared to a typical ceiling fan, this model offers superior air circulation and is more effective.

You need a ceiling fan with a bigger airflow capacity if you have a big room or area with a high ceiling. The fan will be more successful at cooling your room if the airflow is higher.

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