8 Best Ceiling Fan Alternatives For Low Ceilings

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ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings

As you know ceiling fans are an incredible method to keep the room temperature low throughout the late spring and the electric bills even lower. Some ceiling fans accompany a light combo so they can be multifunctional and you can utilize them both inside and outside.

Most ceiling fans, notwithstanding, can be loud so it tends to be somewhat diverting. It’s additionally important that not every person is intrigued by the style of a ceiling fan either as a cooling gadget or a lighting apparatus. Additionally, it’s truly hard to clean them.

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Installing a ceiling fan on low ceilings might not be the good idea. As per the security matters you need at least 7 feet height from ground floor to bottom of ceiling fan. So if you have a ceiling less then 8 foot then you need to consider the ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings.

So in case you’re searching for something to keep you cool in low ceilings room however don’t have any desire to utilize a ceiling fan, we have you covered our rundown of best ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings.

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There are many ceiling fan alternatives available to cool the room efficiently as ceiling fan. Every alternative has their own advantages and some limitation. So choose the one that you might think best suits for your room.

Best Ceiling Fan Alternatives For Low Ceilings

Best Space Saving Ceiling Fan Alternative: Tower Fan

Best Space Saving Ceiling Fan Alternative Tower Fan

Tower fans are an incredible alternatives to ceiling fans for low ceilings if saving space is a primary concern. They’re reduced contrasted with platform fans, and they’re not difficult to move around as well.

Different benefits are that there are bladeless models which are more secure if there are children or pets around (these models are costly however), and they are normally genuinely calm as well.

The drawback of tower fans is that they for the most part aren’t pretty much as amazing as different choices like pedestal fans, so you should pick another option in the event that you need a fan that truly puts out a ton of air.

On the off chance that you choose to go with a tower fan, the Dyson Cool AM07 is an extraordinary choice in case you’re spending plan can stretch to it’s cost. It has a trendy, current design, yet it’s a greatest selling point is that it is bladeless making it a peaceful and more secure alternative for kids and pets.

A calm and bladeless fan, ideal for use around youngsters and pets. Highlights a programmable clock (going from 15 minutes to 9 hours), 10 wind current settings, wavering, and an attractive distant which can be put away perfectly on the actual fan.

Considerably more spending agreeable than the dyson. Not as smooth or calm, but rather not a clamor machine either, is still sensibly amazing. Extraordinary value for your money. Highlights clock (30 minutes to 9.5 hours), 3 speed settings, far off, and wavering.

  • Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

    Dyson Cool AM07
    • 10% less Power
    • Oscillation Control
    • Sleep Timer
  • Lasko Portable Oscillating Tower Fan

    Lasko Portable Electric 42 Oscillating Tower Fan
    • Space-Saver
    • Control Display
    • Sleep Timer
  • Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Fan

    Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier Fan
    • Hot+Cool
    • HEPA Air Purifier
    • Sleep timer

Best Whole Room Ceiling Fan Alternative: Window Fans

Best Whole House Ceiling Fan Alternative Window Fans

The next option in contrast to ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings on our rundown is a window fan. As the name proposes, these are introduced into your window.

They as a rule have two fans and you can set each fan to blow in various ways depending on the situation. You can set the two fans so they draw cool air inside, you can set the two fans so they blow lifeless air outside, or you can set them in substitute ways so there is an air trade.

The incredible thing about window fans is that they occupy barely any room whatsoever in your room. They are additionally extremely productive when the air outside is cool and you utilize the admission choice. This makes them a decent choice for cooling your room around evening time when the external temperature is lower.

There are a couple of drawbacks to utilizing window fans. The primary issue is that they eliminate the hindrance between your room and the rest of the world. So smells, clamors, dust (an issue for sensitivity suferers), and so forth will be brought into the room.

You likewise need to consider the way that having your window open will make it simpler for crooks to enter your home. In any case, if these issues will not influence you, or you can work around them, window fans are an extraordinary option in contrast to ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings.

The Bionaire BW2300-N is an incredible choice to look at. It’s sensibly valued and has bunches of helpful highlights like reversible sharp edges, a controller, and a programmable indoor regulator.

The Bionaire BW2300-N has two reversible fans which take into consideration air admission, extraction, or trade. Highlights incorporate 3 speed settings, an indoor regulator to keep up your prefered comfort level, and controller.

  • Bionaire Window Fan with Twin 8.5-Inch Fan

    Bionaire Window Fan ceiling fan alternative
    • Three Speed
    • Remote Control
    • Water Resistant
  • Holmes Dual 8 Blade Twin Window Fan

    Holmes Dual 8 Blade Twin Window Fan
    • Reversible Airflow
    • Water-resistant 
    • 3 Speed Settings
  • Air King 20 Whole House Window Fan

    Air King 20 Whole House Window Fan
    • 3560 CFM
    • 3-speed
    • Powerful motor

Best ceiling Fan Alternative: Pedestal Fans

Best ceiling Fan Alternative Pedestal Fans

Another extraordinary option in contrast to a ceiling fan alternative for the low ceiling room is a Pedestal fan. These aren’t exactly pretty much as conservative as tower fans however they put out a decent measure of air.

Different benefits are that they are incredible for rooms since you can undoubtedly coordinate the wind current towards your bed, and they’re versatile as well so you can move them around to suit your requirements. Despite the fact that they aren’t exactly just about as compact as tower fans.

It’s inconceivably simple to control your wind current and which course it is going in when you utilize a pedestal fan.

Since you can shift the top of the fan all over and side to side, you can decide on a coordinated impact of cooler air in your home or permit the fan to move tenderly from one side to another.

Being able to change your fan speed implies that you can handle how much air courses in your home and whether it will be awkward for individuals in your space.

In the event that individuals get chilled, you can undoubtedly change the fan to blow in another territory without trading off having wind stream in your home.

Pedestal fans are for the most part exceptionally incredible because of their bigger edges and enormous fan region.

The disadvantage is that they are by and large noisier than tower fans, and as I referenced before, they aren’t exactly as reduced because of the size of the roundabout cutting edges.

On the off chance that you choose to go with a Pedestal fan and might want a calmer model, the Pelonis FS40-19PRD is an extraordinary fan to look at. Another pedestal fan is from rowanta.

  • PELONIS Ultra Quiet Pedestal fan

    PELONIS DC Motor Ultra Quiet Pedestal fan
    • 12 speeds
    • 12 Hour timer
    • 85° Oscillation
  • Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan

    Rowenta VU5670 Turbo Silence Oscillating Fan
    • Extremely Silent
    • 5 speed settings 
    • Powerful airflow
  • Amazon Basics Pedestal Fan

    Amazon Basics Oscillating Pedestal Fan
    • Adjustable Height
    • Auto Shut-Off
    • Oscillating Fan

Best Wall Mounted Fans

Best Wall Mounted Fans ceiling fan alternative for low ceilings

Another ceiling fan alternative for low ceilings to consider is a wall mounted fan and maybe the nearest option in contrast to a ceiling fan. You can situate a wall-mounted fan high up so it has a wide inclusion like a ceiling fan.

Perhaps the best thing about wall-mounted fans is they take no floor space making them an incredible alternative for more modest rooms. They’re likewise a more financial plan agreeable alternative.

Wall mounted fan is ideal for those room which has low ceilings. As this fan does’t required any floor space and not even any ceiling space. Additionally this wall mounted fan are good option for the bunk bed room.

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The drawback, obviously, is that they must be introduced which for one thing sets aside some effort to do. However, it likewise implies penetrating into the wall which may not be alluring or even conceivable. Clearly, they aren’t convenient either like the past two alternatives.

On the off chance that you choose to go with a wall-mounted fan, the Hurricane HGC736503 is an incredible alternative. It’s not very costly, it has 3 fan speeds, 90-degree swaying, and is not difficult to introduce.

A sensibly peaceful however amazing, 16″ wall mounted fan. Highlights a programmable clock (up to 7.5 hours with brief augmentations), 3 speed settings, swaying, and controller.

  • Hurricane 16 Inch Wall Mount Fan

    Hurricane 16 Inch Wall Mount Fan
    • Adjustable Tilt
    • 3 Quiet Speeds
    • Easy Pull Controls
  • Allen + Roth 18-Inch 3-Speed Oscillation fan

    allen + roth 18-Inch 3-Speed Oscillation fan
    • Remote Control
    • Low Noise
    • Easy to Install
  • Hurricane 20 Inch, Pro Series Wall Mount Fan

    Hurricane 20 Inch, Pro Series Wall Mount Fan
    • Oscillation & Tilt
    • Adjustable Speed
    • Safe & Versatile

Poratble Ceiling Fan Alternative: Box Fan

Poratble Ceiling Fan Alternative Box Fan

These lightweight portable box fans can be moved from one space to another when you need to cool a particular region of your home.

They can be utilized in the window as a window fan and will assist with getting cool air or push hot air out of your home.

By setting ice or cold water before your box fan, you can guarantee that your fan is blowing cold air all through your room. Box fans are generally reasonable.

In spite of the fact that box fans have been around for a very long time, in contrast to other mechanical developments, their fame never appears to fade. Maybe their pervasiveness can be credited to their straightforwardness.

With a box fans, what you see is the thing that you get. A five-winged cutting edge murmuring inside a metal encasement.

Box fans are normally utilized as less expensive, eco-accommodating choices to cooling. As they help with common ventilation while saving money on energy.

Some models are not ideal for use in a window as they are not planned with the correct shape. This implies that residue, dust, and bugs would all be able to enter your home.

It is difficult to change precisely where the air will blow, and since the fan doesn’t waver, you will not have the option to appreciate cool air blowing all through the entire room.

  • Hurricane 20 Inch Box Fan

    Hurricane 20 Inch Box Fan
    • Portable, Compact
    • 3 Quiet Speeds
    • 2400 CFM
  • PELONIS 3-Speed Box Fan

    PELONIS 3-Speed Box Fan
    • Carrying Handle
    • 3 Speed Settings
    • High-performance
  • Best Comfort 20 Inch Box Fan

    Best Comfort 20 Inch Box Fan
    • 3-speed settings
    • ETL/UL Listed
    • Weatherproof

Best Ceiling Fan Alternative for Industrial: Floor Fan

ceiling fan alternative for low ceilings

Floor fans, as the name recommends, allude to those fans that are set on the floor of a space for cooling on the floor level. They are compact and can be situated in any edge of your room that you discover advantageous.

Alongside roof fans, they are a mainstream and effective strategy for cooling rooms. Nonetheless, they have a benefit over ceiling fans – they needn’t bother with the lasting establishment, and thus, they can be utilized for cooling open-air spaces like galleries, porches, and decks. Another benefit of floor fans is that they can reach even those sides of your room where the ceiling fan can’t.

Floor fans are accessible in numerous sorts, shapes, and sizes. They are typically lightweight and accompanied by a base for help. Floor fans are either made of metal (steel) or prevalent evaluation plastic.

Practically a wide range of floor fans work in DC. They use DC engines and consequently, can work proficiently even while burning-through less force. DC engines are known to be exceptionally energy effective, along these lines making floor fans likewise an energy proficient choice for cooling your home.

Customary floor fans burn through up to 55-75 Watts on a normal, while the energy proficient models devour even less. Consequently, you are saving energy as well as reducing down your power expenses.

Floor fan is one of the best ceiling fan alternative for low ceilings used in industrial or outdoor spaces.

  • Lasko 3300 High Velocity Floor Fans

    Lasko 3300 High Velocity Floor Fans
    • Sturdy
    • 3 Quiet Speeds
    • Easy to move
  • DEWALT DXF-2490 Industrial Floor Fan

    DEWALT DXF-2490 High-Velocity Industrial Floor Fan
    • 360°adjustable tilt
    • 6500 CFM
    • Easy to move
  • Geek Aire High Velocity Floor Fan

    Geek Aire Rechargeable Outdoor High Velocity Floor Fan
    • 120° tilt head
    • 2500 CFM
    • rechargeable electric fan

Best Ceiling Fan Alternative: Attic Fans

best ceiling fan alternative attic fan

Attic fans can be mounted on your rooftop or peaks, making them a simple and helpful alternative of ceiling fan for most mortgage holders.

These fans work by removing the hot air from within your home to the outside, similar to an exhaust fan, and are one of the least expensive yet best alternatives of ceiling fans out there.

As well as blowing the hot air out, attic fans additionally keep out the dampness and lessen the danger of shape or buildup development inside the house, removing the need to stress over sodden spots in your home.

Moreover, they’re incredible for residue and earth control, as they keep air continually streaming all through the house, which additionally guarantees you of new, quality air.

As a little something extra, attic fans may likewise expand the estimation of your home, since essentially everybody favors cool homes with great wind current, prompting you getting you a decent arrangement in the event that you at any point intend to sell your home.

Nonetheless, remember that a lot of protection in the loft can make it hard for your attic fan to work, as this squares the wind stream.

Furthermore, there’s no component to channel the air that comes from outside, which implies germs and microscopic organisms could discover their way into your space, yet no more regrettable than opening a window infrequently.

Best Ceiling Fan Alternatives to Low Ceilings: Air Conditioner

Best Ceiling Fan Alternatives to Low Ceilings Air Conditioner

By a long shot the most well-known and most mainstream alternatives of ceiling fans for low ceilings, air conditioner cooling units elegance a larger part of homes across the United States.

These units give dry air that wards off the warmth and are extraordinary for both private and business settings.

Numerous mortgage holders, particularly in more seasoned urban areas, choose window AC units, an exceptionally practical choice both as far as price tag and power use.

You can choose a focal cooling unit (one unit to cool the whole floor of the house) or a different unit for each room; the last is a more affordable choice as you can handle them freely just when required.

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Another incredible thing about air conditioners cooling units, aside from the fast cooling, is that even in the wake of off them, the coolness stays for an extensive piece of time on account of your home’s protection.

On the off chance that you are putting resources into a window AC unit, guarantee you introduce it appropriately, to keep any buildup or residue from advancing into your home.

Do remember that in the event that you intend to purchase many units (which you should would in the event that you like to cool more than each room in turn), the aggregate cost could work out to be very high, yet it merits the residue free cooling.

In case you’re putting resources into focal cooling, you’ll unquestionably wind up paying a lot and needing proficient support to set it up, however on the in addition to side, you’re guaranteed of even temperature and magnificent air quality all through your home.

  • LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner

    LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner
    • Energy-efficient
    • 3 cooling speeds
    • 53dB Noise
  • MIDEA Cool Window Air Conditioner

    MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner
    • 59 dB Noise
    • Remote control
  • hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner

    hOmeLabs Window Air Conditioner
    • 4-way Air Flow
    • Cooling Flexibility

For what reason do we need to look for Ceiling fan Alternatives For Low Ceilings?

A ceiling fan is Noisy as contrast with different fans

As various ceiling fans go with quiet motors, they may make racket after a particular time period as a result of wearing. The delivery screws would provoke basic motor sound, which is exasperating for sleepers. Besides, in light of its enormous size, weight moves may occur. The imbalanced fan bleeding edges may moreover speed up the ceiling fan tearing. If you need to keep a quiet ceiling fan, we may have to evaluate the fan ordinarily; thusly, some property holders will look for ceiling fan alternatives that are less riotous.

Floor fan, table fan, or other cooling contraptions having tinier forefronts could be more settled. Various things ensured they have the clatter level of 50 to 60 dB, which resembles the sound conveyed by a cooler. Disregarding the way that they don’t mumble quiet, they can make the background noise spread the establishment fuss, which makes you feel less troubled comfortable.

As ceiling fan isn’t fitting for low ceilings

For Low roof room, security is one of the concerns of using the ceiling fan. If you have a really low rooftop like 6 ft, 7 ft, or 8 ft, it isn’t endorsed to have a ceiling fan. This is because you may be viably get pounded by the fan sharp edges. Remember, the sharp edges turn in a high RPM, it harms if the front lines hit the body parts. Disregarding the way that we can pick the hugger or flush mount ceiling fans, it is still extremely unsafe.

Almost, various ceiling fan decisions do have revealed fan front lines. Bladeless tower fan and table fan are other ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings. Since they have no detectable edges, it is safer. This component is particularly fundamental for youngsters’ rooms. Also, the rule wind stream is in level instead of vertical bearing, so they can satisfactorily circle the air in a low rooftop family room.

Ceiling fans are not fitting for little rooms

The ceiling fan will apparently make an airstream if your room size is close to nothing. Expect, if there is a 52″ ceiling fan inside a 100 sq. feet room. The breeze may be too strong that even lead to trouble. Moreover, various ceiling fans don’t have the faltering limit, so they are simply blowing the air a single way. To comprehend this issue, we can pick the stand fan or tower fan as alternatives to ceiling fans.

Most Stand fans have a faltering head, so they can thusly turn sharp edge restrict to pass on wind current in different ways, which helps improve the capability of air spread. In case you have a little room, the CFM of the stand fan would be good to chill off the room. Dependent upon your couch or bed position, we can make the standing fan closer to you, so we can have a superior cooling sway.

A ceiling fan isn’t reasonable for vault rooftop

On the off chance that your main room or parlor has a vaulted rooftop, it is more brilliant to get the window fan or wall mount fan as alternatives to ceiling fans. It is extremely hard to present a ceiling fan on the slanted rooftop as we must have unprecedented shade or downrod to keep the ceiling fan upstanding. The point depends upon the rooftop incline.

If we wish to circulate air without a ceiling fan in a little extra space, we can pick a window fan. We can put the fan onto the packaging of the window, so the fan and confirmation or vapor the air to achieve air exchange. If you need better cooling sway, we can have a wall mount fan. Stood out from a roof fan, it is less difficult to present and space-saving. As we can present the wall mount fan on a level surface.

Ceiling fan are difficult to clean

One of the shortcomings of ceiling fans is that they are difficult to clean. Notwithstanding for a low rooftop or a high rooftop fan, we may have to climb the ladder to discard the buildup on the sharp edges. If we don’t wonderful the fan regularly, the thick layer of buildup would diminish the breeze current.

For the most part, alternatives of the ceiling fans, for instance, bladeless fan, floor fan, and stand fan are definitely simple to clean. The cleaning system isn’t so painful.


So when you are looking for the best ceiling fan alternatives for low ceilings, at that point you should seriously think about the above things. As there are numerous different choices accessible as ceiling fans alternatives, however, we notice the best one for your solace.

It is smarter to decide on alternatives of ceiling fan when your room roof stature is under 7 feet from the beginning. Since ceiling fan measures approx. 1-foot tallness when introduced on the roof. So when you introduced a roof fanatic of 7 feet roof the fan sharp edges measure only 6 feet range from the floor, which is a lot of low according to building laws. According to the structure laws, you should require at least 7 feet roof range from floor to ceiling fan cutting edges.

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