Best Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

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The smart home devices that have become a part of our lives during this year are from smart TV to smart kitchens. Almost every other house device has modern smartness.

And ceiling fans are no exception. You can turn them on, off, or even adjust the direction of the fan from your smartphone.

Best Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

This Amazon Echo Dot will work with your existing Alexa enabled devices. It comes with one microphone and one speaker for the hands-free control.

So, if you have smart assistants like the Echo Spot or Echo Show, you can ask them to turn off the fan.

Besides making it easy to turn on/off the fans, it also offers a lot of convenience features like timers and routines.

The smart ceiling fans, which are compatible with Alexa, are not only stylish, but they also have built-in LED lights.

I was surprised how effective ceiling fans could be at keeping things cool during the hot summer months, and I discovered it was often enough to allow us to avoid using the air conditioner.

Being big into smart homes, I’d want to get the fans hooked up to the system for convenience and automation possibilities. 

Finding the best alexa controlled ceiling fan for your home is getting easier as more brands start to include some sort of feature, and I’ve read through dozens of models to find the best.

Comparison of Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fans

ImageProduct DescriptionPrice
<strong>Lotus 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan</strong>

Lotus 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

  • Smart Home Integration
  • Battery-operated Bluetooth remote  
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<strong>Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Controlled Ceiling Fan With Alexa</strong>

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Controlled Ceiling Fan With Alexa

  • 16 distinct brightness settings
  • 7 speed settings
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<strong>Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Controlled By Alexa</strong>

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Controlled By Alexa

  • Smart Home Integration
  • Remote Included
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<strong>Minka-Aire Supra 52 Inch Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan</strong>

Minka-Aire Supra 52 Inch Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

  • Full-range light dimming
  • 3 speed – reversible motor
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<strong>Ovlaim 60 Inch Smart Wifi Ceiling Fan Compatible with Alexa</strong>

Ovlaim 60 Inch Smart Wifi Ceiling Fan Compatible with Alexa

  • 75% more energy efficient
  • Smart voice control
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<strong>Carro 3 Blade Smart CeilingFan Compatible With Alexa</strong>

Carro 3 Blade Smart CeilingFan Compatible With Alexa

  • Three-way Control
  • Schedule/Timer Control
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<strong>Hunter Apache Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Compatible With Alexa</strong>

Hunter Apache Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Compatible With Alexa

  • Whisper Wind motor
  • Compatible with Alexa
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<strong>Modern Forms Axis 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan</strong>

Modern Forms Axis 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

  • Wet Location Listed
  • 70% more efficient 
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Best Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fans Review

Lotus Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

Lotus Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

Lotus Indoor & Outdoor Fans is a modern form Alexa controlled ceiling fan with the ease of the smart home. You can sync your fans with the free app and control them with Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, Ecobee, Control4, and more.

With Bluetooth, you can also control your fans from anywhere, even when you’re not at home. And with the optional remote control, you can control the fan from anywhere in your home or office.

The fan blades are also replaceable, so you can change the blade to match the look of your home.

The remote control and optional wall mount are also available, so you can control your fans with a wall mounted touch screen or from the remote. The optional cover will hide the light from the ceiling.

This smart ceiling fan from Lotus is the ultimate solution for a cool, comfortable breeze. A built-in smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature according to your preference and the fan will automatically adjust its speed accordingly.

Plus, it will also adjust the direction of the airflow as needed to create a gentle breeze. This fan will look beautiful in your home or office.

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Controlled Ceiling Fan With Alexa

Big Ass Fans Haiku L Smart Controlled Ceiling Fan With Alexa

Haiku is the smart solution for your ceiling fan. You can now control your fan from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just download the free Haiku app (available on iOS and Android).

You can also control your fan through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Use the included remote to adjust your fan’s speed, turn on/off the light, and adjust the temperature.

You can also use your voice to control your fan through Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It works with all ceiling fans made by Haiku.

The Haiku L smart ceiling fan is a stylish solution for cooling your home. It features a unique motor design that ensures a silent, smooth, and balanced airflow.

The fan is energy efficient, and its built-in LED light kit is perfect for accent lighting. It also has a remote, which lets you easily adjust the speed, direction, and lighting with your smart device.

It features 7 speed settings, sleep mode, whoosh mode (which simulates natural breezes), eco mode, and timer. It is also balanced and sound tested to ensure fan will never wobble, rattle or click.

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Controlled By Alexa

Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Controlled By Alexa

Hunter symphony is the most modern and sophisticated ceiling fan in Hunter’s line. This indoor fan comes with LED light covered by glass, which will keep home interior inspired.

It measures 54x54x14.6 inches and is equipped with a multi-speed reversible motor, whisper wind motor, LED light kit, and smart remote control.

The Symphony can be controlled by Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant, and its built-in WiFi module makes it compatible with the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. It also has the capability to adjust the brightness of the light and the speed of the fan.

The Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan is the perfect fan for your home. It has a modern look that fits well in any room and features LED lights that let you control the lighting and ambiance of the living space.

This fan is also WIFI compatible so you can control the fan from anywhere in the room with an audible beep.

It is a smart ceiling fan with a modern design that is very easy to install. The fan is also height adjustable, via the included 2″ downrod, to ensure proper distance from the ceiling and optimize air movement. This fan is a perfect choice for your living room, lounge, and bedrooms.

Minka-Aire Supra 52 Inch Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire Supra 52 Inch Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

Assuming you’re an Alexa home, Minka-Aire is an incredible expansion to your armory. You can without much of a stretch incorporate it with the work processes you as of now have.

What’s more, it’s really quiet, so it won’t wake the child would it be advisable for you balance it in the nursery.

The most astonishing thing about Minka Aire is that it tends to be voice-controlled through Alexa. So you can holler,” Alexa kindly turn on the fan!” Mika will begin turning, chilling you and your home off.

If you have any desire to robotize the cycle you’ll require a different center point (the Bond center). To skirt the robotization, Minka turns out great with the hand-held remote as well.

You have some control over the fan speed, turn on or off the light, and change brilliance all by means of the remote.

This traditional ceiling fan includes an integrated Light Kit that uses 1-100W Mini-Can Bulb in Opal Glass.

The Minka-Aire Supra 52″ indoor ceiling fan features a three-speed reversible motor, which runs in summer and winter to aid in rotating air and cutting down on energy costs.

This traditional ceiling fan has a blade sweep diameter of 52″ with 14° Blade Pitch. This fan is conveniently quiet, and requires only a low voltage connection of 120v 60Hz.

Ovlaim 60 Inch Smart Wifi Ceiling Fan Compatible with Alexa

Ovlaim 60 Inch Smart Wifi Ceiling Fan Compatible with Alexa

The Ovlaim smart ceiling fan brings the smartest possible solution. For a shrewd home item, it’s reasonable and effective.

The intelligence is restricted to the fan and stretches out to the underlying LED light. You can utilize voice orders or a remote to change the light’s brilliance and fan speed.

The Ovlaim fan sports a smooth and exquisite plan, and that is likely is one of the main things that will grab your eye. The DC engine is likewise staggeringly tranquil, and a few clients have checked this case.

You can switch between three brightness settings and the six fan speed. Besides, you can pick between a dazzling white light or a warm white light. Cool, isn’t that so?

Besides, it’s not difficult to connect the expertise to Amazon Alexa. The buddy application is additionally an extraordinary option. What’s more, on those uncommon no-web days, you can utilize the remote to control the fan speed.

This fan has gotten positive criticism for its presentation and calm capacity. Notwithstanding, a few clients have noticed that the establishment directions are not satisfactory.

Carro 3 Blade Smart Ceiling Fan Compatible With Alexa

Carro 3 Blade Smart CeilingFan Compatible With Alexa

Carro Home Smart Ceiling Fan offers delightful and top-notch finish choices to fit any plan style. Its matte dark metal case and dark fan cutting edges will carry a smooth current touch to your room.

Made with ABS that has high elasticity, extremely impervious to effects and consumption which permits to endure weighty use and unfavorable natural circumstances.

This ceiling fan works with Alexa gadgets, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcut, and Carro Home App. With a straightforward voice order, you have some control over your fan from anyplace, whenever: set the fan speed, turn the light on/off, and plan works, all straightforwardly on your PDA.

The 10-speed DC engine gives 75% more energy proficient than a conventional AC engine; the coordinated LED light pack creates warm delicate white and splendid cool white for your solace.

Carro 10 degree 3-edge pitch streamlines air development and gives super strong wind current murmur calm execution, Enjoy the cooling without undesirable commotion.

You can redirect the fan from downdraft mode throughout the late spring to updraft mode throughout the colder time of year.

Hunter Apache Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Compatible With Alexa

Hunter Apache Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Compatible With Alexa

The Hunter 59226 Apache Ceiling Fan procures its put on the rundown of the best Alexa controlled ceiling fans today with a snazzy 3-sharp edge plan, a remarkable bend at the foot of every edge for a stunning appearance, and an honorable bronze completion.

It highlights shrewd WiFi similarity too. You can utilize its Simple interface component to rapidly empower voice order with your Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Homekit frameworks so you can appreciate sans hands voice control to change the fan speed, bearing, and lighting.

You additionally get a LED light pack that highlights warm lighting with an implicit dimmer so you can set the mood in the specific manner you need for any event. A delightful clear glass apparatus finishes the smart look.

In addition, the mounting bar is stature customizable so it adjusts to any space.

This Alexa compatible ceiling fan permits three different mounting positions for standard, calculated, or low mounting, making it probably the best gadget for flexibility to suit any style of roof.

The murmur wind innovation permits a murmur calm activity (it’s appropriately named, that is without a doubt!) while the industrial facility tried balance forestalls irritating shaking, clicking, or wobbling.

Modern Forms Axis 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

Modern Forms Axis 3-Blade Smart Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan

Notwithstanding the evolving times, Modern Forms has adhered to its main goal of giving modern smart ceiling fans that perform well, yet in addition assist you with saving money on your energy bills.

As per Modern Forms, the FH-W1803-52L-TT is 70% more proficient on energy draw than any of the other customary ceiling fan on the lookout. You can interface the gadget to a smart indoor regulator too that further lessens energy utilization.

Remembering the fan extents, it’s an optimal decision for medium and little estimated rooms. It additionally has a climate safe coat which makes it practical for outside use.

Additionally, it’s fueled by a DC engine that has a 5400 CFM yield. This Alexa controlled ceiling fan has 6 fan speed choices to guarantee calibrated solace.

Additionally, you can exploit Modern Forms’ portable application that incorporates incredible highlights like Away Mode and Adaptive Learning, making activity much more advantageous.

Why Utilize Alexa Controlled Ceiling Fan?

Other than the conspicuous comfort of having the option to work your fans with voice control, there are some mechanization benefits that may worth consider.

Ceiling fans are utilized for cooling, yet can help warming also. As warm air rises you’ll will more often than not have warmed air at the highest point of the room and cooler air at the base. A ceiling fan can course this so you have all the more even temperature all through, which further develops your warming productivity by diminishing the hotness yield expected to get the lower part of the space to the ideal temperature (where individuals are).

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Utilizing Alexa controlled ceiling fan permits you to do this related to your smart indoor fregulator , and you can likewise increase this with smart temperature sensors in various areas. Be having the option to detect the differential in temperature at various pieces of the room, a savvy home stage can have decides made that will turn the fans on and off as expected to keep things more adjusted.

The equivalent additionally applies to cooling, yet you could likewise coordinate window sensors to assist with circling outside air in the hotter months and tie this into to inhabitance sensors to it doesn’t run when no body is home.

Are Alexa compatible ceiling fans worth the effort?

The best alexa compatible ceiling fans can offer a top notch, energy productive fan as well as accommodating more comfort by extending the manners in which you have some control over it. This additional usefulness just adds somewhat upward to the expense, yet gives critical comfort benefits over a non smart ceiling fan.

Those advantages will rely upon whether you can utilize your current savvy tech to control the fan, and how solid that combination is. Clearly on the off chance that it’s flaky, the offer vanishes.

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What does a smart ceiling fan do?

Alexa controlled ceiling fans are a kind of smart home gadget and will normally accompany a remote controller, which is a decent beginning, however will likewise associate with smart home stages like Amazon Alexa, and voice partners like Google Assistant. These combinations empower brilliant highlights that permit you to control the fans with voice control, and potentially to coordinate them with sensors and shrewd indoor regulators to computerize their activity completely.

Which is the best alexa controlled ceiling fan?

This relies upon in the event that you need the best quality fan, or the most adaptability in brilliant home combination. Both a substantial ‘best’ measures for this situation, yet I’ve observed the Minka Aire reach to offer the most highlights, quality, and combination choices. For my cash that dominates the competition generally. In the event that you have more explicit prerequisites, I’ve chosen great choices on this rundown to cover those.

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Is there an application for ceiling fans?

Indeed, any savvy roof fan will have an application or something to that affect to arrange it, as well as to give one more controller as your PDA.

The application utilized will fluctuate by maker, however whenever it’s set up, you ought to have the option to do what you really want through your current savvy home application, which keeps things less difficult.

Do Alexa controlled ceiling fans incorporate lights?

Most frequently, the response is yes. However, these are seldom customary lights. Rather you’ll normally see incorporated LED lights that work with the controller, and savvy highlights obviously.

Contingent upon the model, this will permit you to diminish the light or change the shading temperature. As you can’t change the lights, you’ll need to guarantee the light that accompanies the brilliant fan will be appropriate for your necessities.

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With regards to purchasing Alexa controlled ceiling fan for your smart home, not just about picking one is viable with your brilliant home tech. It’s similarly critical to consider the ordinary variables of commotion levels, fan speed, and wind stream limit.

While they don’t offer the most assorted scope of incorporations, Big Ass Fans have conveyed an excellent, all-around planned item with their Haiku L reach that actually gives you either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa control, and the computerization leads every stage can give. This covers most of the smart home market at the present time, yet it abandons HomeKit and SmartThings clients.

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Assuming you need the best Alexa controlled ceiling fan as far as to mix choices, then, at that point, Minka Aire takes care of you with a decent scope of models that will meet most prerequisites, despite the fact that they really do lean toward the bigger sizes. They’re likewise industrial facility adjusted and sensible quality at rather lower costs than Big Ass Fans.

For the HomeKit and SmartThings stages, you can focus on the Hunter fans for respectable choices. Every one of these brands furnishes smart fan models with calm activity, however each with their own application issues. All things being equal, when set up on your smart foundation of decision you ought to get sensibly great execution as the issues will generally spin around the gadget creators’ own applications.

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