Belt Driven Ceiling Fans For 2022

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Belt-driven ceiling fans are a portion of the absolute very first ceiling fans made and have been around for more than some other more well-known kinds of ceiling fans.

belt driven ceiling fans

Belt driven ceiling fans are special and delightful, and they work from a solitary engine that has a pulley that drives a belt that is extended between each fan. The belt drive engine is associated with the ceiling or the divider.

Initially, the belt of fan is driven by water situated external the structure with an intricate belt and a pulley framework however these days, there could be at this point don’t require for that as we have power. Some belt-driven fans have a solitary fan while others can have various fans.

The length between each fan can be up to 20 feet or somewhere in the vicinity and there can be up to 5 fans run by a solitary engine and belt.

Belt driven ceiling fans are regularly found in business applications, albeit certain individuals will introduce them in their homes if the design of the home fits this application and the spending plan is generally limitless.

Most of belt-driven ceiling fans that you find in cafés and inns and magazines are made by Fanimation, the chief producer of belt driven ceiling fans. Belt-driven fans move a limited quantity of air since they are planned more for show than they are intended for work.

They are very useful on hot and cold days. Notwithstanding, ceiling fans can likewise be utilized as a kind of style for your room. For instance, in case you are the sort of individual who likes vintage stuff of the inside of your room is vintages then belt-driven ceiling fans are intended for you.

Belt Driven Ceiling Fans

Fanimation FP1280BL-220 Brewmaster 220-volt

belt driven ceiling fans

Fanimation-Brewmaster is a belt-driven ceiling fan by Fanimations, an organization that conveys a standing for repeating surprising, yet useful, belt driver fans. The fan is accessible in three distinct tones: Classical Brass, Dark, and Pewter.

You can likewise pick between two styles – the 220-volt one and the standard one.

The fan configuration makes an exceptional magnum opus, an old-style and excellence that becomes animated from this dazzling assortment. Clean lines, a quality plan, and a moderate cost are three straightforward reasons why they are an incredible expansion to a room.

The fan gauges 16 pounds, utilizes a bulb voltage of 220 volts, and utilizations corded-electric as a force source.


  • It is really simple to introduce
  • It accompanies a far off regulator included


  • It is somewhat costly

Fanimation HA7966DZ Kellan Housing

belt driven ceiling fan kit

Kellan is a calm belt driven ceiling fan which has a great deal of force and a general exceptional and amazing look. The fan is accessible in two tones: Brushed Nickel and Dark Bronze.

The fan is really noteworthy, very much fabricated, all around completed, and has an excellent stylish touch to it. The thing is very light (5 pounds) and uses a bulb voltage of 120 voltage.

It likewise has three unique paces among which you can switch as per your ideal wind stream, which are: quick, quicker, quickest.

Its dry area is evaluated and utilizes corded power as a force source. The advanced mixes impeccably with collectibles to make a stand-out work of art.

The Kellan configuration includes a neoprene belting, a gearless direct-drive engine, and fixed metal rollers. It tends to be custom-made to fit any sort of style.


  • It accompanies a controller
  • It comes backward rates


  • The lethargic speed is very quick
  • There are no guidelines

Fanimation FP580BL Bourbon Street, Black, Motor Only

belt drive ceiling fan motor

Fanimation-Bourbon is one more belt-driven ceiling fan fabricated by Fanimation that was initially created in the last part of the 1800s. This sort of fan is accessible in two tones: Classical Brass and Dark.

It has a custom style to it that can glance great in a room. It utilizes corded power as a force source. The fan gauges 26 pounds and uses a voltage of 110 volts. The items measurements are 9 x 15.5 x 9 inches. The thing carries on Animation’s standing for addressing remarkable, yet useful, belt-drive fans.


  • It doesn’t need batteries
  • It has a reversible engine


  • Engine, head, and edges are sold independently
  • It must be utilized for dry spots

Fanimation MA7966DZ Kellan Ceiling Fan Motor, Dark Bronze

Fanimation Kellan Indoor Ceiling Fan Motor

Kellan-Ceiling-Fan is one more thing from Fanimation where the advanced mixes in impeccably with the antique to make a unique work of art. It comes in the shading dull bronze. This plan includes a gearless direct-drive engine neoprene belting and fixed metal balls.

It has three reversible paces and has a sharp edge clear of 56 inches. It very well may be introduced in the center, and two fans straightforwardly inverse the engine in succession with a fan around 5 feet on each side of the engine.

The thing weighs 22.5 pounds, utilizes a voltage of 110 volts, and utilizations corded-electric as a force source.


  • It incorporates a remote
  • It doesn’t need batteries


  • It’s just evaluated for dry spots
  • The belt is somewhat uproarious

Quorum 97215-86 Indoor Windmill Ceiling Fan

Quorum International Windmill Ceiling Fan

Windmill Ceiling Fan is a fan from Quorum that has a delightful look that would look staggering when you drape it on the roof and is accessible in four tones: Dark, Bronze/Dark and Brown.

The fan comes in with a 6-inch down bar, utilizes power of 23 Watts . It has a DC-165L Motor. It utilizes 23 Watts, Airflow Efficiency: 88 Cubic Feet/Minute/Watt

The fan has 6 reversible paces and 15 sharp edges. The thing weighs 48 pounds and uses a voltage of 120 volts. It’s evaluated for indoor utilize as it were. It has a wind stream proficiency of 2008 Cubic Feet/Minute.


  • Wall Control included
  • It resembles a piece of workmanship


  • Doesn’t move a ton of air
  • Several hours to introduce

Metropolitan Modern Double Ceiling Fan in Satin Nickel with Light and Remote

belt driven fans

Metropolitan from Gulf Coast Fans is a wonderful ceiling fan that tosses a lot of air while reaming calm. It has a twofold engine that articulates 45 degrees. It has 24 inch long edges that are reversible in Black or Sating Steel.

It has 3 rates that are reversible and furthermore incorporates a controller. It utilizes a voltage of 120 volts and has a cutting width of 24 inches


  • It incorporates a controller
  • The roof fan looks incredible
  • Fan is really calm
  • Runs well at low and medium velocities.


  • Slight wobble at high velocity.
  • The fans can’t be controlled independently
  • It can’t be flush mounted

Tips for Installing Belt-Driven Ceiling Fan

Introduce the framework in a manner with the goal that the fan is in the focal point of the roof. Along these lines, you will settle the score wind stream all through the entire room. For ideal wind current, hang your belt-driven fan 8-9 feet over the floor.

Ceiling fans in some cases can be quite weighty, so you need to ensure that they are introduced safely. A smart thought is to drape the fan from the electric box that you apply for the light. Else, you’ll need to support the mounting region.

Ensure that the mounting region isn’t broken. The edges should be somewhere around 6 feet 4 crawls over the floor and simultaneously, the edges should be something like 8 creeps underneath the roof.

There should be no less than 18 creeps between the sharp edges and furniture, light apparatuses, entryways, and some other articles in the room.

Belt Driven Ceiling Fans


  • Belt-driven fans are not simply dependent on power.
  • Its Belts utilize a comparative framework for a pulley to move to the fan cutting edges
  • It lessens the motor burden, bringing about lower energy utilization.
  • These Belt-driven fans are likewise simpler to keep up with than electric fans
  • Support of the belt and bearing can be performed while the fan is running
  • No compelling reason to turn it off and lose important cooling.
  • Ceiling fans controlled by belts are viewed as more harmless to the ecosystem
  • They utilize less energy without forfeiting style and capacity


  • Typically, belt driven ceiling fan parts have a motor set in another room or bureau.
  • This can be stylishly engaging, however it can occupy more room than you might suspect is needed.

Belt Powered Ceiling Fan


  • Belt fueled ceiling fans give greater adaptability in speed.
  • By and large, such fans are less expensive than direct-sized devotees of comparable size.
  • They will in general be calmer than the choice.


  • More grinding between moving parts
  • It can prompt higher energy costs

How to Choose the Best Belt Driven Ceiling Fan?

You need to know some vital components about the belt-driven ceiling fan with the goal that you pick the best one.


Your belt-driven ceiling fans need to accommodate your style of the room. For you to choose the right belt-driven ceiling fan you can search for models on the internet so you can see the plans and tones that are accessible.

That way you can have a comparative thought of what kind of belt driven ceiling fan you need. The fan should supplement the vibe of your room else it will just demolish the appearance of the room.

Cutting edge Span

Cutting edge length impacts the measure of wind stream a ceiling fan can circle in the room. The more extended the cutting edges, the higher the wind stream. The right length of cutting-edge ranges relies upon the sort of room that you have.

You need to quantify the width and length of your room in square feet and duplicate the number for instance: 15ft x 15ft = 225 square feet. Arranged by picking the right size, you need to know the space of your room so you get the right length of cutting-edge ranges.

Number of cutting edges

The quantity of sharp edges in a belt-driven ceiling fan assumes a major part in how much wind stream it can deliver. The higher the number of sharp edges is the more air the fan can move. Be that as it may, there is a lessening get back with each extra cutting edge added.

Scientists have shown that 2 sharp edges are the most incredible as far as energy productivity. They can convey sufficient wind stream while not burning through an excess of force. 3-4-cutting edge arrangements have been displayed to have the best size of influence utilization and wind current, so they can be acceptable in case you are hoping to get a decent worth for the cash.

6-edge fans have the most impressive wind stream, yet their force utilization is past alluring.

Your decision relies upon the amount you esteem energy productivity. In case it is vital for you, a 2-cutting edge fan would be better.


Wattage is vital while surveying the force effectiveness of a ceiling fan. Interestingly, Fanimation doesn’t give wattage data to most of their belt-driven fans. They ought to give you the information on the off chance that you get in touch with them.

Then again from wind current, productivity ought to likewise be inspected. Estimated in CFM/W, it shows the measure of wind current a fan produces for each watt. You ought to go for the least wattage and most elevated wind current effectiveness that can fulfill your requirements.

Wind current

Wind current ought to likewise be viewed as when you are purchasing a belt-driven fan. Once more, very much like it was with wattage, Fanimation gives wind current information just to their Kellan fan.

The right wind stream likewise relies upon the size of the space.

UL rating

The UL (Underwriters Laboratories) rating means where a belt-driven ceiling fan can be introduced. There are 3 UL appraisals that you need to know:

UL Dry-appraised fans must be introduced in dry indoor spots.

UL Damp evaluated fans can be utilized in shut moist regions. They can’t avoid direct contact with water.

UL Wet appraised ceiling fans are impervious to snow, water, and downpour, so they can likewise be utilized outside.

Along these lines, when you are picking a belt-driven ceiling fan, you should be guaranteed that every one of its parts have the ideal UL rating.

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