The Journey From Engineer to Top Affiliate Marketer

This is Nikul Kachhadiya,

The Journey From Engineer to Top Affiliate Marketer. Version 2.0 in 2024

Today Nikul Kachhadiya is one of the best affiliate marketers in India who earns more than $50000 per month.

He started his journey by working in a small IT company as a network engineer with a 6500 Rs salary in 2015. He got fired two times by the organization where he works more than 1.5 years, the reason behind this is just he showed the real status of organization activities to management.

In 2019 after leaving 2 jobs, he decided to create his own company in the field of digital marketing. but due to a lack of knowledge and experience, he joined an educational institute as a network administrator and also started doing blogging by creating a website.

In 2020 he started amazon affiliate marketing and after that, he never turns back. At that time he earns around $500 per month.

In 2021 he took a digital Deepak internship and after that, he scaled his affiliate marketing business to a new level.

Today he runs two digital marketing firms and handles 50 affiliate marketing websites with having 50+ team members and earns $50000 per month. He runs his whole business from his village. Most of the team members are work from their own space.

He gains attention from many newspapers and various media. Has Millions of followers on its social media.

In one of its interviews, he said that the reason behind his success is doing consistent works, and getting the right mentor helps them to take action. He believes that thinking about new ideas and exploring new things helps in succeeding. If you want to become successful then you should think unique and creative that stands you apart from the crowd.